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Branding, engagement and conversion: Optimizing Etam’s biggest campaign


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Etam is France’s leading lingerie group and the seventh-largest lingerie player in the world. Founded in 1916, the brand aims “to liberate and celebrate women of all ages and from all walks of life" through innovation and its commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

Building on its spirit of innovation, Etam launched its eCommerce site in 2001 to better cater to both the on and offline customer experience. Since then, the brand has launched several large digital campaigns over the years—one of which being their flagship Love Price campaign.



Use case: Optimizing Etam’s biggest campaign; Love Price

As part of Etam's Love Price campaign, the brand offers more than 1,100 products at reduced prices for around ten days. To ensure the success of this initative, Etam closely monitors performance using Contentsquare. In particular, Etam’s e-merchandising teams spend a lot of time interrogating both the zoning analysis and page comparator modules in the platform.

The goal? To drive more traffic to the Love Price categories and better understand the behavior of their users to inform their future strategy.

Step one: Reorganizing the homepage

Contentsquare data has proven to be particularly helpful in optimizing Etam’s homepage to better promote the Love Price initiative. 

Using Contentsquare’s zoning analysis, the team noticed the exposure rate of the Love Price block on the homepage was less than 40% on mobile. Given that mobile accounted for 70% of global traffic for Etam, this showed a missed opportunity to drive more traffic to the campaign page.


Before optimization:

  • Left: Exposure rate
  • Right: Click rate

Thanks to Contentsquare, the team made the data-driven decision to move the position of the Love Price promotional block to the top of the homepage. The results? An increase in exposure rate to 99.9% while maintaining visibility of the new collection at 71%. In addition to this, the team increased the conversation rate per click on the block by 16%.


After optimization: 

  • Left: Exposure rate
  • Right: Conversion rate per click



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Step two: Tackling subcategories

With the homepage redesigned, the team turned their attention to improving the performance of their sub-categories. Before making any changes, the team used Contentsquare to determine both the attractiveness rate and conversion rate per click of each of their top subcategories.

Straight away, they noticed their subcategories weren’t listed in order of attractiveness. With the data to back up their decision, they swapped the order of categories to ensure the most attractive categories were displayed first. This quick change, driven by customer data, created a +13% increase in conversion rate per click on one of the top subcategories. A tiny change with big results.

Before optimization

Attractiveness rate:


Conversion rate per click:


After optimization

Attractiveness rate:


Conversion rate per click:


Etam’s checklist for success


The team at Etam recommends seven preparatory steps to ensure the effective launch of a promotional campaign: 

  1. Have a strong understanding of your site’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Establish the exact goals you’d like to achieve as this will help you maintain focus.
  3. Optimize your navigation with the campaign offer placed clearly in your main navigation, a clear tree structure, and simple navigation that offers both search and filtering capabilities.
  4. Place clear and impactful campaign content on the homepage, remembering to position the assets above the fold.
  5. Analyze revenue data across all devices (especially on mobile).
  6. Create a dedicated workspace in Contentsquare to monitor campaign performance on a daily basis through key KPIs.
  7. Set up alerts via Contentsquare to help highlight and fix errors in real-time.

During the campaign: 

So your campaign is launched, but the hard work is far from over! Careful, daily campaign monitoring will allow you to adjust your strategy and deliver optimizations to help boost performance. 

Remember, no matter how carefully you prepare there will always be unforeseen events. So to uncover errors as they happen and keep on top of performance, Etam suggests…

  1. Closely monitoring campaign performance against your agreed KPIs. The team at Etam uses Contentsqare workspaces for this, where they can quickly track performance in a visual and easy-to-understand way.
  2. Closely tracking performance alerts so you can quickly act upon site errors or sudden changes in performance before they negatively impact your bottom line.
  3. Identifying insights to implement quick wins. Effective campaign analysis is a continuous circle, so don't skimp on it!

Post-campaign: Breathe and take stock

Your campaign is complete, congratulations! Now it’s time to take stock and understand what worked and what didn’t. This will help you draw conclusions from your data that can help inform and improve your future campaigns. 

It’s important to include all stakeholders here as the learnings will be valuable for everyone. Review each action you took plus the performance of your KPIs, and use these insights to define best practices and share learnings.  

Finally, make sure to communicate your successes and improvements across the business. So often we launch campaigns and forget to share the data, but this step is paramount to building a continuous cycle of sharing, learning, and growth.



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