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The Fate of Finance:

12 innovation experts on how to future-proof your digital CX

Actionable advice & CX strategies from digital leaders in the finance & insurance industry

The global pandemic has made many banking, financial services and insurance companies wake up and acknowledge the requirement for a digital first strategy. To better understand what the next five years holds for the industry, we sat down with 12 digital innovators from leading brands to hear what they think lies ahead, their top concerns for the future and what they’re prioritizing today to build the stand-out digital experiences of tomorrow.

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  • Expert predictions for the future of customer engagement and retention
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Featuring interviews with industry experts from top brands including…

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A glimpse inside:

“Consumer behavior is changing the way we work, the way we look at partners, and how we will look at contracts. In many ways, it's causing a fundamental shift in anything and everything that we were doing and we need to be ready for it.”
Suresh Balaji,
Chief Marketing Officer, HSBC Asia Pacific
"One specific challenge for financial services is that nervousness to use the term ‘digital only’ from digital-first. Hopefully, good experiences from the last year have helped reduce some of the fear of applying for something online"
Nathan King,
Testing, Personalisation and Experimentation Manager, CRO Squad at NatWest

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