The Digital Playbook for Automotive Brands

The biggest digital challenges facing automotive brands and how to overcome them.


To succeed in today’s digital world, automotive brands must rise to meet the challenges of digitization by offering better online services, intuitive personalization, and an exceptional digital experience (now expected as standard by the likes of Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber).


In this ebook, you’ll gain:

  • Tactical and actionable tips on how to overcome the biggest digital challenges facing automotive brands today
  • Access to eight compelling stories of brands who are using intelligent insights to beat the competition
  • A deeper understanding of the power of digital experience analytics (DXA) for automotive brands

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ŠKODA removed friction to increase page views on a key test drive booking page by 40%



Toyota used AI Alerts to find, prioritize, and fix bugs on their website to decrease 404 errors by 62%

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Contentsquare for Automotive Brands


Contentsquare’s leading digital experience analytics platform helps over 750 global brands understand hidden customer behaviors, then use those insights to drive more successful experiences.


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