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2023 Retail
Digital Experience Benchmark

Make every visit count this year with our User Experience Report

Retail sites with high customer engagement drive higher conversion rates, but 2022 saw engagement and conversion drop. Measure what matters most to your customers to optimize engagement, boost efficiency, fuel customer satisfaction and drive ROI and growth.

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Retail industries

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Luxury, Health & Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Home Goods & Furnishings, Grocery, ‘Other Retail’ and ‘All’.

Preview of the retail customer experience metrics included

Shallower sessions fuel fears of a consumption crisis

Conversion in Retail was down -3.5% in 2022—and it’s no coincidence that we also saw metrics measuring page consumption dwindle in 2022.

Visitors are too often frustrated—particularly by slow sites

Over a third of sessions are marred by user frustration     (40% in Health & Beauty). Of all frustration factors, slow page loads are the most common—and damaging to session success.

User engagement is proven to drive revenue

Activity measures how much visitors are interacting with content—and sites that encourage higher activity see lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Mobile drives most traffic—and most revenue (but only just)

Retail traffic is now largely mobile, but mobile still only captures just over half of total revenue. This shows that desktop still matters—but might also show that mobile experiences can be improved.

What's inside?

The 2023 Retail Digital Experience Benchmark explores the entire customer experience to help you pin-point opportunities to improve your journeys, delight more customers and see real growth.


Measure the whole journey

It’s what’s inside the customer journey that really counts. Our report includes everything digital teams need to know about and invest in—not just traffic, bounces and outcomes.


Who is this for?

From executives and decision makers to team leads and CX pros, our report helps pinpoint areas of opportunity throughout the digital journey to boost efficiency, delight customers and unleash growth.


Learn from the leaders

Get insights into improving your CX from top brands and retail industry leaders.



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