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The 2024 Retail
Digital Experience Benchmark Report

Make every visit count this year

With cost per visit jumping an astonishing +12.4% last year (while conversion rates dropped), every visit is now more valuable than ever.


Uncover trends for crucial digital KPIs and learn how to maximize the value of each visit with actionable insights and best practices designed to elevate the entire shopper journey.

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Preview customer experience (CX) metrics and insights

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Traffic drops in volume and shoots up in price

Traffic fell in volume by -5.0%, and 57% of all retail sites saw lower traffic.


At the same time, there was a 5.7% shift in traffic share towards paid channels. This pushed the cost-per-visit up +12.4%.


New visits still outnumber returning

Despite an increased focus on retention and lifetime value, 52.1% of visits to retail sites last year were new visits.


Since roughly 1 in 2 (47.8%) of new visits come from paid sources, this reliance is proving costly.

Frustration is costing retailers big

2 out of every 5 retail site sessions (40%) were impacted by frustration last year.


And retailers paid for it. Sites with slow-loading and responding websites saw a -15.5% drop in engagement, costing retailers $0.56 per visit.


Conversions are harder to come by

With visitor frustration persisting, lower-converting mobile traffic rising, and a continuing reliance on (again, lower converting) new visits, it’s no surprise that conversion rates once again dropped—by -5.8%, to be precise.

What's inside?


Verticals included


Consumer Electronics, Grocery, Luxury, Health & Beauty, Speciality Retail, Home Goods & Furnishings, Fashion, (New) Appliances & Home Goods, (New) Outdoors & Sporting Goods, (New) Department & Big Box.


Who is this for?


Whether you’re an executive, a team lead or a CX pro, the report will help you pinpoint areas for optimization across the digital journey to increase efficiency, delight shoppers and unleash growth.


See how your digital shopper experience stacks up.