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Contentsquare is the global leader in digital experience analytics - and for good reason. Our platform analyzes billions of digital behaviors to provide unique metrics, visualizations, and recommendations every team can use to increase revenue, drive engagement, and fuel growth.

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Unlock invaluable insights to grow your business

Customer journey analysis in a single-view

See how visitors progress through your site to discover the biggest opportunities and customer frustrations within minutes. Our advanced journey analytics identifies what content is most valuable to your customers, plus makes behavioral anomalies easy to quantify, understand, and action.

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Understand the 'why' of visitor behavior

Zone-based heatmaps help everyone on your team understand the impact of in-page behaviors. See how visitors interact with each element on your site, combining unique metrics to tell a story about how your content, navigation, and merchandising contributes to your customer’s journey.

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Mobile-first digital experiences

Get the most comprehensive analysis of your mobile app experiences and provide your digital teams with insights to improve the mobile customer journey. Close the mobile conversion gap by discovering what customized content will increase customer usage and satisfaction, plus understand why users download, uninstall, or convert. 

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Smart insights for smart brands

Automatically surface your biggest opportunities and issues in seconds, so you never miss another opportunity to improve your site. We’ll crunch your data and feed you a smarter to-do list so you can prioritize where to focus based on revenue and goal impact, plus share timely insights and actions with key stakeholders. 

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Scale your behavioral insights across 100+ partners

Maximize the ROI of Contentsquare within your martech ecosystem. Our trusted network of over 100 technology and service providers enables you to tap the full power of our platform by extending its activation and operational efficiency. Rely on pre-built integrations and packaged service offerings from an ecosystem that knows Contentsquare, reducing your need to expend time and resources.

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Discover why top enterprise brands choose Contentsquare

Take an on-demand tour of our product to see how Contentsquare can help you:

  • Innovate your websites and apps by revealing hidden user behaviors
  • Troubleshoot bugs and performance issues faster than ever before
  • Automate your digital optimization with AI-powered recommendations and insights

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