This report explores how to provide unique digital experiences for unique brands. Based on ContentSquare data of over 125 million user sessions, get the answer to the question: "Why are our customer journeys not converting?"

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  • Luxury vs eCommerce data and insights
  • Removing the barrier between browsing and converting
  • Understanding what digital experience is most effective for different products and devices

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ContentSquare is a user experience (UX) analytics and optimization platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. We compute billions of touch and mouse movements, and transform this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates.

Using behavioral data, artificial intelligence and big data to provide automatic recommendations, ContentSquare empowers every member of the digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions, and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey.


"Less frustration, more pleasure - that is the key to effectiveness."

Ann Leuseur, International e-commerce and media director at L'Occitane en Provence


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