How to improve your website performance

55+ tips to optimize your web performance for improved digital experiences and business growth. 


In this guide, we cover the key metrics (CWV and otherwise) that you need to be tracking and present 55+ actionable insights to optimize your web performance.


Lights out, and away we go.


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See what's inside


See what's inside

Who is it for

Who is this for?

From digital marketing leaders to web performance and SEO pros—anybody who’s responsible for a website’s performance and wants actionable tips to optimize their site for efficiency, customer experience and growth.


Website optimization best practices

What would you do if a page was taking too long to load? Like most, you’re likely to ditch it and find what you’re looking for elsewhere. This eBook includes best practices for ensuring a frictionless website experience.

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Find it. Fix it. Love it.

Discover how Contentsquare’s Find & Fix offer can help your business create seamless digital experiences while working faster across the organization. 

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