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User frustration -30%
Sessions +65%
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How to Optimize
Mobile Experiences
to Drive Growth

Read our guide to elevate your mobile user experiences across web and app and generate more revenue, retention and customer satisfaction.


Mobile drives over two thirds of traffic to websites1. And global consumer spending on mobile apps in Q1 2023 was up two percent from Q1 2022—to 167 billion USD2


Get insights into crafting the mobile optimized website and top-notch mobile app design you need to grasp this growing opportunity.


1 2023 Digital Experience report,
2 Mobile apps consumer spend 2023 | Statista

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Inside the guide


With examples taken from top brands including Evernote, Duolingo and Gucci, our guide features over 25+ user experience best practices for your mobile experiences that will help you:


Nail your mobile app onboarding experience to encourage retention over deletion
Ensure your home, product and category pages are mobile optimized for engagement and conversion
Fix user frustration (including app crashes) throughout your user journey

Learn 4 strategies how to achieve
a money-making mobile experience


Optimize app onboarding for a higher app retention rate

Read our list of mobile app best practices to learn how to craft a fast, intuitive and informative app onboarding experience that makes a great impression on first-time users—and ensures they stick around. 


Your homepage is your shop window: make it pop

With acquisition costs rising all the time, you’d better make sure the first page mobile web visitors and first-time app users see is super engaging. (Our guide will help you there.)


Analyze your user journeys and optimize first where it counts most

Discover how to analyze your user journeys from end-to-end—and get tips on how to optimize your (likely) most attention-grabbing pages: Product and Category.


Eliminate user frustrations to boost conversions

Today’s consumer expects seamless mobile browser and app experiences—and will bounce or uninstall pronto if you frustrate them. Read our guide to make sure you don’t. 


Get insights into crafting the mobile optimized website and top-notch mobile app design you need.

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Optimize mobile app experiences

CS Apps offers a comprehensive solution, making it easy to visualize and understand the experiences of mobile app users. Armed with in-depth mobile insights, teams are able to optimize for engagement, uncover errors, and implement quick improvements to achieve that 5-star app feeling.