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How to Fix Your Customers’ 5 Biggest Online Banking Frustrations

A great customer experience (CX) can boost your acquisition, retention, upsell, cross-sell and more. A negative one can drive away your customers for good.


This guide provides tips for eliminating visitors' digital banking frustrations to offer a seamless CX that builds loyalty and drives revenue.


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Get a breakdown of the top five customer frustrations with digital banking. Learn how to solve them with actionable CX tips and real-life industry examples.

30+ actionable CX tips to help you improve your

  • User navigation and search
  • Customer journey personalization
  • Form completion rate
  • Omnichannel experience


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Customer Journey Analysis


Visualize how users progress through

your site to remove friction points.


Form Analysis


Insights to pinpoint the problematic

fields and boost form performance.


Zone-Based Heatmaps


Review and quantify how visitors

engage with your website’s content

Build a seamless CX that drives revenue and creates customer loyalty. 

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