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is a sports camera brands with a global reputation for inspiring video content. They needed to communicate their unique brand proposition and showcase their amazing content, whilst also strengthening their D2C channel and increasing conversion.


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" Contentsquare has made our lives so much easier — not only can we see how each element of content performs, it also shows us how visitors journey through the site, giving us all the information we need to make decisions confidently. The visualization makes the data easy to consume, and today the team uses Contentsquare as part of its daily decision-making process and whenever we are thinking about UX design. "

Eumir Nicasio
Head of Product, Digital and Ecommerce

+80% conversion on product page

The Challenge

The team at GoPro wanted to increase direct-to-consumer sales, which afford the brand the best margins and more control over the total customer experience.

In practical terms, this meant going up against accepted eCommerce UX standards of a streamlined interface, opting instead to wow visitors with rich, visual, interactive content. At the same time, navigation had to remain as friction-free as possible to encourage direct sales.

The Method

The team used the customer journey analysis and sunburst visualisation to understand how the product detail page fitted into the larger visitor journey.

They then drilled down into in-page behaviour — analysing Engagement, Attractiveness Rate and Click Rate among others — to see which elements triggered interactions and which caused visitors to exit.

Based on this approach, the digital team was able to answer the question of how much content to push and how far to go with the redesign— in the end opting for a ‘more is more’ approach in line with the expectations of an audience hungry for inspirational content.

The Outcome

Being able to underpin creative decisions with customer behaviour insights gave the digital team the confidence it needed to go bold and make the experience more customer-centric.

After launching the newly-designed page, the team noticed an 80% increase in conversions from the Hero7 product detail page.