Future 23:

CX Predictions for 2023 and Beyond


CX has become the number one priority (beating pricing and product) for companies. And despite the economic climate, more than 65% of companies will increase CX spending over the next year—investment is showing no sign of slowing down!


In the eBook, we’ve gathered 23 top predictions for customer experience from experts and digital professionals at CX circle London 2022. Take a look at our CX crystal ball →



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Key takeaways


Game-changing technologies like advanced analytics, AI and augmented reality will help shape the landscape

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Brands across industries will need a deeper, more holistic understanding of their customers to provide the experiences they crave.


Digital experiences will become more immersive, community-driven, personalised, and altogether more human.

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Customer Experience in 50 years

The future is full of opportunities. Join Gary, our AI expert and future enthusiast, as he takes us on the journey 
of digital customer experience:


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