Design your Martech Stack to Deliver the Optimal Buying Experience

A Forrester Complimentary Report

As digital marketing becomes more complex, marketers will embrace additional automation tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and speed-to-market. 
But B2B marketers are implementing marketing technology on an operational tactical basis.

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The Forrester report introduces insights on how:

  • Marketing leaders needed to take a more strategic approach and consider technology in core marketing capabilities
  • B2B marketing can use the customer lifecycle stage as a design framework
  • To consider customer's buying motion as a design muse to engineer the optimal buying experience
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Create a culture of data-driven decision making


Empowered, agile teams

Knock down silos and get insights into the hands of your whole marketing team.

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Actionable insights

Get a full picture of visitor behavior and enjoy clear prioritization of which opportunities to act on for the biggest impact.

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Actionable Insights

Our intuitive, visual reporting makes it easy for marketers to understand user behavior and buyer journeys.

More. Human. Analytics.

Contentsquare’s leading digital experience analytics cloud helps 750+ global brands understand hidden customer behaviors, and use those insights to drive more successful experiences.

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