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How are DTC brands winning market share and capturing consumers’ hearts?


Being More DirectDTC  (direct to consumer) brands are known for altering the foundation of how companies operate and connect with consumers. JustFab, IKEA, and other companies are challenging global legacy corporations by developing new pricing model structures and highly engaging marketing campaigns to promote their products and services.

Their unique selling proposition, agility, and speed-to-market have paved the way for success, but how will these brands continue to excel in their performance? The key to success will be based on their performance marketing strategy and ability to detect, alter, visualize and optimize the customer journey. This year, DTC brands will be challenged to evolve their performance marketing strategy to drive even greater brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Our experts and customers share actionable insights on how today’s DTC brands can evolve their digital strategy by empowering teams with unique behavioral insights to create better experiences and intelligent recommendations everyone can use to proactively grow revenue, increase loyalty and fuel innovation.

Download our report to see how to learn 7 DTC companies are doing this by leveraging a digital experience analytics platform.