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Get ready to hit play ⏵︎ Expect an event experience that'll power up your CX to the next level, discussions that will transport you to new realms (complete with cheat codes for success), alliances forged with top players in the industry, and our infamous after-party.

  • Frank Boulben
    Frank Boulben
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Logo Verizon
  • Christy Taroni
    Christy Taroni
    Managing Director of Digital Platforms
    FedEx Logo
  • Sarah Massey
    Sarah Massey
    Director of eCommerce
    Logo Rhone
  • Tarun Dadoo
    Tarun Dadoo
    VP Products & Delivery
    Logo Discover
  • Corinne Bentzen
    Corinne Bentzen
    The Company Store Logo
  • Edouard Madec
    Edouard Madec
    Director, eCommerce
    Clarins Logo
  • Speakers - Mike
    25+ Speakers
  • Training - classroom
    15+ Sessions
  • HR _ groups
    1000+ Attendees
  • Lightbulb - idea - inspi
    Learn from experts
  • Speaking - networking
    Network with peers
  • Cocktail
    Join our infamous after-party

Hear from experts from our incredible line-up

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Logo Contentsquare
World Privacy forum
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25 Speakers
15 Sessions
1000 Attendees

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Tarun Dadoo

Tarun Dadoo

VP Products & Delivery

Frank Boulben

Frank Boulben

Chief Revenue Officer

Corinne Bentzen

Corinne Bentzen


Property 1=Sarah

Sarah Massey 

Director of eCommerce

Property 1=Edouard-1

Edouard Madec

Director, eCommerce

Christy Taroni

Christy Taroni

Managing Director of Digital Platforms

Kate Kaye

Kate Kaye

Deputy Director


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Why attend CX Circle NYC


Learn from the best


Hear from 25+ speakers across 15+ sessions. Get access to the playbooks of CX pioneers who’ve been there, done that.


Engage multiplayer mode


Interact with experts from across the whole CX community and discover how to level up your entire organization - from marketing to product to UX and more.


Build your skills


Discuss your challenges with our solution experts, and speak to our partners to see how seamless integrations can give your team the full picture.


Join the party


All work, no play is not the CX Circle way. We've got games, cocktails, DJs, tasty treats, interactive sessions and a whole lot more in store for you.


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It’s time to decode your customer’s needs, eliminate any glitches causing user frustration, and level up your online journeys. Register now to unlock cheat codes, playbooks and new skills to level up your CX. 

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Access to all session on-demand post-event Checked Checked
Access to discounted hotel rates (first come first serve) Checked
Access to networking with attendees, speaker, and our sponsors Checked
F&B throughout the day including light breakfast, lunch, and snacks Checked
Invitation to our after party featuring entertainment, light bites and drinks Checked

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Rave reviews


Glasshouse LP


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The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse, 660 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019



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3 brands, 1 event


CX Circle is the #1 event worldwide for customer experience professionals, built to help you level up your digital experience. And this year, exclusively in New York City, we’re engaging multiplayer mode with a special edition presented by Contentsquare, Hotjar and Heap—offering a full spectrum of insights across digital and product analytics.


We're combining the workshops, networking, and electric atmosphere you love from CX Circle and adding the spice of Hotjar's previously owned conference, HOTSAUCE, into one day full of collaboration, inspiration, and celebration.


Game on.


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