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A 6-part series to help fast-track your digital transformation

Gain on-demand access to sessions with digital leaders from Dell, Tile, Walmart and other leading brands, to explore common digital challenges and how best to tackle them. You'll get: access to all six recordings with digital leaders, one-pagers with key takeaways from each session, + more.

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Customer Journey Mapping: The Live Work of Solving Customers' Problems

Solve your customers' problems, they will solve yours — brands today would do well to tie their CX strategy to this adage. But when it comes to creating ideal customer journeys, the most powerful tools and the most impactful results are sometimes not that obvious. Join Vab Dwivedi, Director of Digital Customer Experiences at Dell for a discussion on how customer behavior analytics can help you elevate every part of your experience strategy — from AB testing to personalization via everything in between. Watch on demand now.



From Digital-First to Digital-Only: Implementing a Customer-Driven Transformation

Join e.l.f. Cosmetic's VP of Digital, Ekta Chopra, for a deep-dive into the leading beauty brand's recent digital strategy and successes. From bringing the entire e.l.f. experience online to harnessing technology to expand and personalize customer touchpoints - the team at e.l.f. has put customer intelligence at the heart of business decisions, and it shows. Watch on demand now.



Digital Journeys People Want to Go On: Tips For a Seamless Customer Experience

Join Paloma Garcia de Letona Ysita and Olivia Urriolagoitia from warehouse retailer Sam's Club (Walmart) as they discuss the ins and outs of keeping up with customer expectations in the age of on-demand retail. Fill out the form to watch the recording.



Roadmap to Digital Agility: Leveraging Customer Understanding to Build Authentic Brand Relationships

Join eCommerce guru Kathy Ando for some real talk on what it means to truly be a customer-centric brand in 2020. Find out what customer proximity means to a brand like Tile, why putting customer feelings front and center is the way to go, and what it really means to be digitally agile. Watch the recording.


Shifting your Digital Mindset Into a Customer-Centric Advantage

While your customers' needs, expectations and circumstances may change fast and often, putting those first remains the most reliable method to get customer experience right. Register for the upcoming session to discover how to: 

  • Establish an information cycle between your digital properties and brick and mortar
  • Draw meaningful insights from your online and offline audiences
  • Drive loyalty by developing a symbiotic relationship between online and offline channels
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