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Shifting Your Digital Mindset Into a Customer-Centric Advantage


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Looking to fast-track your digital transformation this summer? Join us for six campfire sessions with digital leaders from Dell, Tile, Walmart, Cisco and other leading brands, to explore common digital challenges and how best to tackle them (A/B Testing merit badge, anyone?).


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Coming up next:

Shifting Your Digital Mindset Into a Customer-Centric Advantage


While your customers' needs, expectations and circumstances may change fast and often, putting those first remains the most reliable method to get customer experience right. Register for the upcoming session to discover how to: 

  • Establish an information cycle between your digital properties and brick and mortar
  • Draw meaningful insights from your online and offline audiences
  • Drive loyalty by developing a symbiotic relationship between online and offline channels

Having joined Crocs in early 2013, Harvey was responsible for all aspects of the company’s global, consumer facing digital technology stack. This included development of all digital commerce applications and innovation and customer experience. Prior to Crocs, Harvey was the VP of Digital Technology for Finish Line.


As an accomplished leader with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Jesse currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer of Columbia Care, one of the largest fully integrated operators in the global medical cannabis industry with licenses in 17 jurisdictions in the US and EU.



Fill out the registration form to access recordings of our past sessions with Tile, Walmart & more.



Digital Journeys People Want to Go On: Tips For a Seamless Customer Experience


Join Paloma Garcia de Letona Ysita and Olivia Urriolagoitia from warehouse retailer Sam's Club (Walmart) as they discuss the ins and outs of keeping up with customer expectations in the age of on-demand retail. Fill out the form to watch the recording.



Paloma García de Letona Ysita heads the Category Management Team at Sam´s Club in Mexico City, where she is responsible for setting up promotions in the website, the arrangement of products, and creating new URLs to make a better experience for our users.

Olivia Urriolagoitia is an entrepreneur and marketer. As of today, Olivia spearheads the eCommerce Trade Marketing Team at Sam's Club in Mexico City that aims to keep it simple for their users and builds clear marketing messages and strategies that create sales consistently.




Roadmap to Digital Agility: Leveraging Customer Understanding to Build Authentic Brand Relationships


Join eCommerce guru Kathy Ando for some real talk on what it means to truly be a customer-centric brand in 2020. Find out what customer proximity means to a brand like Tile, why putting customer feelings front and center is the way to go, and what it really means to be digitally agile. Watch the recording.



A 20 year veteran in the eCommerce space, Kathy is currently the head of Growth Marketing, Direct-to-Consumer and CRM at Tile. Previously, she was the head of Direct-to-Consumer at GoPro, where she led significant growth for the company. She also held senior roles at Apple - where she built the Digital Merchandising function for the Apple online store - eBay and Gap, Inc. An advocate for fertility issue awareness, she is the founder of The Stork Project, a group supporting women and couples who need guidance on building their families through a non-traditional fashion.


How much is camp attendance?

Contentsquare Summer Camp is free, of course :)

Do I have to register for each session separately?

Nope, you only register once and we will make sure to regularly provide updates with new sessions and speakers.

What can you expect from Summer Camp?

Real talk. Actual digital leaders sharing their experience and best practices with their peers. And because it’s not a one-way conversation, there’ll be a chance to ask the questions that matter to you after the discussion.

What happens if I miss the session?

If you miss a session because you were out canoeing or birdwatching, no worries. Every session will be recorded and we won’t call your parents.

Can I register late?

You can register at any point! Once you join we’ll send you the recordings of any sessions you’ve missed.

Will there be badges?

Yes. Yes, there will.

Will there be perks?

Short of providing lakeside cabins to everyone, we’ll be sending a special treat to campers who stay on top of their badge collection ;)




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