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Case study: Boosting mobile checkout conversion for Nature & Découvertes


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About Nature & Découvertes

Nature and Découvertes are a French retailer with one mission: to offer products and experiences to those looking to change their way of life, improve their body and mind, and raise their ecological awareness.

With 11% of turnover generated on their website alone, eCommerce is unsurprisingly a huge focus for Nature & Découvertes. So to drive more demand, they decided to carry out a redesign of their website to improve their users’ online experience and drive more revenue.

With mobile traffic accounting for 59% of their total traffic, they decided to focus their attention on analyzing and optimizing their mobile checkout funnel first. Here’s what happened…

Using Contentsquare to understand the data

Firstly, the team at Nature & Découvertes had a look at Contentsquare’s Page Comparator tool to identify which mobile pages in the checkout funnel had a high exit rate. This helped them to prioritize where to focus their attention to make the biggest impact.

Then, they used Zoning Analysis to compare differences between the user journeys of those who stayed on the site and converted, and those who bounced. Through this, they identified two areas for improvement:

  1. To change the style of a non-clickable element as this has a high recurrence of rage clicks
  2. To reduce the time taken to remove an item from the shopping cart

Finally, a close analysis of their sales funnel using Contentsquare’s Customer Journey module revealed three more findings:

  1. A large drop-off in sessions, 45% of which were between the login and contact details stages
  2. That 21% of users left the site once they reached the checkout
  3. And that 12.8% of users returned to the product pages from the checkout

With the data in front of them, they were able to better understand the frustrations of their users, and build stronger digital experiences that reduced friction. Contentsquare’s advanced digital analytics platform gave them the insights they needed to make informed, data-driven decisions based on their business impact. 

From optimizing UX elements within their checkout process to updating their shopping cart experience, the team at Nature & Découvertes was able to build a more frictionless experience for their users.

The results

Following UX improvements thanks to Contentsquare insights, the click rate on the non-clickable element within the checkout funnel fell from 1.36% to 0.54%. With an optimized remove-from-cart process, the click-through rate of users who had removed an item from their cart increased by 4.93%. 

  • 4.93% increase in click-through rate in the checkout funnel
  • Estimated +€2,669 increase in monthly revenue






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