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Beat the Benchmark Series

The Need for Speed

  On-Demand Webinar


Sam Counterman

Senior Director of Performance & Growth Marketing

Welcome to the latest Beat the Benchmark workshop series 👋.
We feel the need. The need for speed. 


This is a very special workshop. For a start, it's Top Gun themed. But more importantly, we'll be joined by Sam (the speed demon above). Sam is our resident performance & growth guru.

He's usually busy supercharging the Contentsquare website and dropping pearls of wisdom on the marketing team. But we've asked him nicely to come and drop those pearls of wisdom on everyone else. Scroll down to see what he'll cover in just 40 mins:


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Key Benchmark Insights & Findings

Sam flies the flag internally for Core Web Vitals and the need for speed. He'll dive into the key findings of our benchmark analysis and learn how leading brands are surpassing the benchmark with their innovative approach to speed and web performance. Gain tips and tricks to help you take the next steps in taking your CX to the skies. 

"Great balls of fire!" Goose


Our Core Web Vitals Journey

Sam will lift the hood on the Contentsquare website and take you through our own Core Web Vitals journey. We have to practice what we preach after all...


"It's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you" Maverick


That's a Wrap!

Thanks for joining, hope to see you again!


"Show me the way home, honey." Goose


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