The B2B Conversion Playbook for Digital Teams

6 user-driven insights that go beyond lead generation

Maximize your site conversions at every step of the complex B2B buyer journey with these six hacks. Learn how digital teams can maximize efficiency and productivity, grow pipelines and deliver more ROI by focusing on the user’s digital experience.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Your website needs to perform better than your best sales representative and your competition.
  • Focusing on the digital experience can help you convert more visitors across the buyer journey, increase your Mar-tech stack ROI, build pipeline and increase revenue.
  • Prioritizing the user’s experience and using digital experience analytics help your long-term strategy and goals as a digital team 
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Create a culture of data-driven decision making


Empowered, agile teams

Knock down silos and get insights into the hands of your whole marketing team.

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Actionable insights

Get a full picture of visitor behavior and enjoy clear prioritization of which opportunities to act on for the biggest impact.

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Actionable Insights

Our intuitive, visual reporting makes it easy for marketers to understand user behavior and buyer journeys.

More. Human. Analytics. 

Contentsquare’s leading digital experience analytics cloud helps 750+ global brands understand hidden customer behaviors, and use those insights to drive more successful experiences.

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