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13.10.22 | Hybrid Event

Establishment, Sydney CBD | Virtual on Hopin
8:45 - 19:00 AEDT (In-Person) | 9:30 - 15:00 AEDT (Virtual)

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Come walk down the red carpet and enter the world of digital customer experience at this year’s DX Gala, where glitz and glamour await.


From experimentation and personalisation tactics to timeless UX optimisations and digital accessibility tips - this all-day Gala will inspire you to deliver award-winning, human-centric online experiences.

What's on at the DX Galasquircle22

08:45 AEDT
Red carpet registration & breakfast
09:30 AEDT
Welcome to The DX Gala
09:45 AEDT
The Fast and Furious: Driving Business Agility in Today’s Environment
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Albert Nel SVP of APJ Contentsquare-logo.svg (1)

As the economy tightens and people look carefully at their purchasing behaviour, the experience that you give them is an important part of keeping your customer’s hearts and minds. Companies that deliver stellar customer experiences - that put the customer first, avoid frustration, build trust, and thrill them every time - faithfully bring their users back time and time again.


In this talk, Albert will share how brands can turn this uncertainty into opportunity by focusing on:

  • Designing persuasive customer journeys that maximise ROI at every stage
  • Empowering your team to take intelligent action on what matters most in difficult times
  • Building trust with your customers through privacy, security and accessibility


10:05 AEDT
Crazy Rich Data: Innovative ways data is informing UX design
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Quaetapo Customer Journey Program Manager rm-williams-1

With rich, behavioural data at their fingertips, the R.M.Williams team can understand their customer journeys over time and discover the trends that are impacting their bottom line.


In this session, Quaetapo will take us through an interactive talk, showcasing the rigorous analysis the team do on a weekly basis to continuously improve the digital customer experience. He’ll cover: 

  • How the team collaborates and connects data to design and optimise the website
  • Trends they’ve seen by integrating Contentsquare, Google Analytics and Salesforce
  • How this has informed simple design changes to have a significant impact on conversion rates


10:25 AEDT
Back to the Future of Retail Experience
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Marcella Larsen Senior Director Retail Advisor Salesforce.com_logo.svg

Future proofing customer loyalty to your brand lies in executing a strategy focused on relevance, connection, commercial excellence, sustainability and purpose. Macroeconomic conditions in Australia and across the globe, along with transparency empowering the consumer today is driving fewer retailers in nearly every category.


Marcella Larsen, a global Salesforce Retail Industry Advisor, focused on ANZ will share real life examples of where innovative brands are starting today to address the increasingly complex and distributed demands of customers— from more channels to more partners to rising expectations. 


She will share insights from the Salesforce state of Commerce report which highlights the importance of actionable data for:

  • Driving automation, efficiencies and customer experiences from pre to post-sale
  • How retailers are renewing their focus on agility, efficiency and productivity
  • Emerging KPI’s in uncertain economic times and the untapped opportunity for experimentation with innovation in new mediums and business models
10:45 AEDT
☕ In-person & virtual coffee intermission 🎬
11:15 AEDT
Her: Making the digital experience more human
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Sam Wadsworth Executive Manager Digital Insurance Sales Suncorp-Bank-logo

With the world increasingly becoming more digital, we risk losing the human touch. Sam will share how his team are creating a lasting impact by delivering experiences that are more human and why this is so important to prioritise now.


He'll share Suncorp's approach backed up by examples, and how you can apply this to your own digital strategy, covering:

  1. Personalisation 
  2. Empathy 
  3. Trust and transparency 


11:35 AEDT
The Experimentation Game: Cracking the testing code
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Hunter He Head of Search & Audience foxtel

With the disruption of streaming platforms like Netflix, Binge & Stan, Foxtel has learned how to do more with less and enabled their whole digital team to run and analyse tests. 


In this session, Hunter will share how to crack the testing code to improve the online experience, covering:

  • How to change the old-school mindset at traditional companies and build a test and learn culture
  • The gap analysis: How his team comes up with testing ideas & builds out their roadmap
  • Foxtel's testing process with examples: analysing the performance of tests and coming up with iterations



11:55 AEDT
Digital Accessibility Panel: How to (not) lose customers and alienate people
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Ben Pintos-Oliver GM Digital Systems & Accessibility Logo-telstra
More than 1 billion people in the world live with a disability, including conditions that may affect their ability to navigate and participate in the digital world.
This session, led by our Digital Accessibility expert Ben, will break down all you need to know about improving the accessibility of your website, giving you lots of practical tips & advice to take back to your teams. Our panellists will cover:
  • How to get buy-in from your exec teams
  • Advice to up-skill your team with training 
  • How to run digital accessibility at scale 
  • Demystify common misconceptions 
  • Simple tips and tricks (including useful tools) that any team can apply now on your website or app


12:20 AEDT
🍽️ Lunch intermission 🎬
13:30 AEDT
Breakout sessions (take your pick)
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Delivering award-winning digital experiences through harnessing customer insight
Deborah Heaphy GM Customer Advocacy and Research carsales-logo
Vicky Katsabaris Director of XM Solutions and Strategy Qualtrics

As digital adoption continues to surge, it’s never been more important to put your customers at the heart of your digital decision making. Digital first brands have Experience Management embedded into the operations and DNA of their organisations, and are creating value for their customers at scale.


Join Carsales for an engaging, thought-provoking discussion on designing and improving breakthrough digital experiences for your customers. Learn how to harness customer insights to drive increased conversion rates and optimize customer journeys across channels. Through a collection of engaging, real-life examples you’ll learn how businesses can meet changing customer expectations to deliver seamless digital experiences their customers demand.


What you’ll take away from this session:

  • Moving beyond surveys, the future of customer engagement on digital channels
  • The latest trends and behaviours driving customer expectations on digital channels
  • How to identify gaps and opportunities to improve your Customer Experience programs
  • Hear from key brands on how to leverage digital to take your CX program to the next level
  • How to transform feedback into action
  • Practical tips for delivering great experiences at scale
  • A chance to ask your questions and get involved



The DX Gala Press Conference: Ask our star speakers anything
Quaetapo Customer Journey Program Manager rm-williams-1
Sam Wadsworth Executive Manager, Digital Insurance Sales Suncorp-Bank-logo
Ben Pintos-Oliver GM Digital Systems & Accessibility Logo-telstra
Hunter He Head of Search & Audience foxtel
Marcella Larsen Senior Director Retail Advisor Salesforce.

Have a question for our main stage speakers? Now's your chance to ask RM Williams, Suncorp, Telstra, Salesforce & Foxtel about their talks, their digital strategy and anything else you want to know. 

Come curious, and remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

14:15 AEDT
Breakout sessions (take your pick)
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Pulling back the curtains on Deputy’s winning product-led growth strategy
Deepesh Banerji Chief Product Officer deputy
Eka Arora Account Executive Mixpanel_full_logo_–_purple-1

The secret to Deputy’s scalability and growth to become one of Australia’s biggest startups–it’s founders’ early adoption of the product-led growth philosophy. The future of growth belongs to products that win the hearts of users by demonstrating real value. To create products that users love, companies will have to deeply understand customer needs and user behaviours, constantly iterating the product experience to better convert, engage and retain them.


In this fireside chat, join Deepesh Banerji, Chief Product Officer at Deputy, and Eka Arora, Account Executive at Mixpanel, to learn more about the frameworks and analytics strategy behind Deputy’s product-led growth.

Women in Ecommerce: How to channel your inner Elle Woods to beat imposter syndrome
Lucy Applegarth Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager Boody
Brogan Ruytenberg Head of Digital Lee Matthews
Tara Keenan Senior Customer Success Manager Contentsquare
Lyena Fi Growth Product Manager eucalyptus-logo-black-01

Almost everyone at some point in their life has suffered from imposter syndrome. Whether you're currently struggling with it or know someone who is, join our panellists to learn how you can channel your inner Elle Woods to beat it.


From feeling like a fake and discounting success to just straight-up anxiety, imposter syndrome manifests in silence. Lucy, Brogan & more will be sharing their own experiences and go-to advice on overcoming imposter syndrome, as well as discussing how we can open up the conversation in the workplace.


This is an unfiltered, informal session where we encourage all genders to get involved in the discussion & ask questions live to our panellists. 


15:00 AEDT
Virtual event end
15:00 AEDT
The DX Gala Afterparty 🎉

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The DX Gala Locationsquircle22




We’ve gone hybrid! 


For our in-person guests, walk the red carpet at Establishment, Level 1 (Sydney CBD) for a day of rubbing shoulders with fellow industry A-listers, a breakfast spread fit for the stars, a delicious lunch and bottomless champagne at the Gala Afterparty (plus a few surprises!).

Or join us virtually via Hopin from the comfort of your own home.


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Who can attend?   

Attendance is free for all digital teams from online brands (sorry agencies and vendors).

Can I bring a colleague?   

If capacity permits we are open to you inviting your team (max 4 people per brand). Please email if you'd like to bring more people from your team or they can register on this page. 

I registered for the virtual event, but I'd now like to attend in person. How can I change my ticket?   

To upgrade to an in-person ticket, please reach out to and she'll make sure you're on the in-person guest list. 

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?  

Yes, the Establishment is wheelchair accessible. There are two lifts between each level where the event is happening.