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How Nespresso Creates Digital Experiences

that Delight Their Retail Customers


 June 22, 2022 @ 3:30 PM  |  New York Hilton, Midtown |   Booth #136


 Using Nespresso’s optimization experience as a case study, we will translate key data and insights from our 2022 Retail Digital Experience Benchmark Report into an actionable plan you can use to optimize your CX. You will leave with a better understanding of the demands of the new retail customer and how to craft digital experiences that connect, resonate, and keep them coming back for more.    


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Know What Makes Them Click

Contentsquare is moving beyond traditional analytics to enable an unprecedented understanding of the customer experience. 


In a world of instant everything, we risk losing the human touch. With an abundance of technology at our fingertips, how do we shape the digital future so it reflects not just our needs and expectations, but our values too? 


That's where Contentsquare comes in. We make the digital world more human. Let’s talk about it.


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"Contentsquare's unique UX analytics metrics are invaluable for drilling into page-specific behaviors and allowing us to surface actionable insights. We can understand how particular UX behaviors and blockers are impacting customers on our site and pick the tests that are going to do the most good rather than the ones we think we will make the most value."


Craig Harris 
Head of Performance Analytics 


#1 enterprise digital experience analytics platform trusted by the world's leading retail brands

Optimize Your Retail Experience 

  New York Hilton Midtown

June 21-22, 2022
 BOOTH #136


Join us at CommerceNext to learn how Contentsquare's digital experience analytics platform can help optimize your CX by providing you the insights you need to understand your customers and build more valuable human experiences.


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Digital Experience Benchmark Report


In Contentsquare’s 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report, our team of experts analyzed over one hundred data points from over 46 billion user sessions from around the globe.

Get the insights you need to deliver better, more human, digital experiences.


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